Cardin Partners Announces Q3 2017 Edition of the 'SaaS Quick 25'


Announced today, the Q3-2017 Edition of the Cardin Partners 'SaaS Quick 25' list includes several companies leveraging trends in AI, next generation Marketing Automation, FinTech, and employee engagement and retention.

An SaaS M&A advisory boutique, Cardin systematically tracks the growth of over 25,000 SaaS companies, globally. We publish a limited subset of companies and data publicly as part of our SaaS10k list.

In conjunction with this, we also publish a quarterly report of the fastest growing identifiable SaaS sectors.

As a reminder, the criteria to be considered 'emerging growth' are as follows:

  • Companies must end the quarter with a headcount between 20 and 100 employees;
  • Must have been in our database since at least the prior quarter.


Several companies this quarter are representative of broader industry trends:

Artificial Intelligence:

Blueshift, delivering AI-powered marketing automation;, a white-label AI-powered virtual assistant to enhance mobile banking customer engagement; and Fiind, with a platform to decipher buying intent from myriad and distributed behavioral cues.

Marketing Automation and Customer Acquisition:

The Google shopping SEM optimization company Sales & Orders is growing fast, as are several others in this segment, including the B2C full customer lifecycle automation platform Exponea. Tagove is advancing the customer success space with a platform for live, interactive, just-in-time customer assistance to increase adoption in the self-serve SaaS domain. Iterable have found success with their omnichannel B2C marketing automation platform, and Sendwithus, a local Victoria BC based company, are taking email marketing to the next level with integrations with leaders like SendGrid, SparkPost, and mailjet. They also integrate with Mailgun, offering high volume assured mail delivery with a developer-friendly API. Appropriately, Mailgun themselves cracked the list this quarter.


Capitalizing on the cryptocurrency updraft, Cryptopay are bridging the gap between Bitcoin and fiat currency with a smart wallet, seamlessly integrated with a pre-paid card product for on-line and in-store purchases. Cloud insurance platform Instanda are growing fast with their platform for the rapid online deployment of new and innovative insurance products, and Total Expert are in market with an enterprise-grade mortgage marketing and automation platform, enabling banks and mortgage companies.

Please see below for the complete list. If you are a buy-side group interested in access to the underlying growth data, or further SaaS10k list data, please contact us (below).

Company Primary Sector Employees Estimate Country Year Founded Description Institutional Backing
Taplytics Development Tools 24 Canada 2011 A/B testing platform for native mobile apps Yes
Blueshift Labs Marketing Automation 46 United States 2014 AI-powered marketing automation Yes
Sales & Orders eCommerce & Retail 27 United States 2013 Google Shopping SEM optimization No FinTech 35 Canada 2014 Virtual assistant for mobile banking Yes
vrsus Legal Management Software 20 United States 2008 Digital case management platform No
Exponea Marketing Automation 98 Slovakia 2016 B2C full customer lifecycle automation platform Yes
CryptoPay FinTech 26 United Kingdom 2013 Bitcoin wallet & prepaid cards Yes
Hotech Hospitality 25 Turkey 1999 Hotel & hospitality technology provider No
Tagove Contact Center & Customer Support 20 United States 2015 Live chat software platform Yes
ITONICS Collaboration 56 Germany 2009 Enterprise Innovation Management software No
Empyr eCommerce & Retail 48 United States 2010 Online to Offline (O2O) Commerce platform Yes
Peakon Human Resources 71 Denmark 2015 People Analytics & Employee Engagement software Yes
Instanda Insurance 26 United Kingdom 2012 Cloud insurance platform Yes
Fountain Human Resources 23 United States 2014 Hiring platform for hourly workers Yes
Iterable Marketing Automation 79 United States 2013 Omnichannel B2C marketing automation platform Yes
7shifts Human Resources 57 Canada 2013 Restaurant Scheduling software Yes
sendwithus Marketing Automation 27 Canada 2012 Advanced email content management platform Yes
Optibus Public Sector & Works 34 Israel 2011 Public Transportation Optimization software Yes
Envisio Solutions Human Resources 24 Canada 2012 Strategy Implementation, Performance Management and Reporting software No
E-ISG Asset Intelligence Fixed Asset Management 24 United States 2003 Enterprise Asset Management platform No
BoardPAC Governance, Risk & Compliance 24 Sri Lanka 2006 Board Management software No
Fiind Marketing Intelligence & Analytics 31 United States 2014 Artificial Intelligence for Sales & Marketing No
Total Expert Real Estate 80 United States 2012 Enterprise-grade mortgage marketing & automation platform Yes
Mailgun Marketing Automation 42 United States 2010 Transactional email API service for developers Yes
Initiafy Human Resources 28 Ireland 2012 Contractor management software platform Yes