Cardin Partners Announces Q2 2017 Edition of the 'SaaS Quick 25'


Announced today, the Q2-2017 Edition of the Cardin Partners 'SaaS Quick 25' list includes a wide range of emerging growth Enterprise SaaS companies, representing both vertical and geographic diversity.

Cardin systematically tracks the growth of over 25,000 SaaS companies, globally. We publish a limited subset of companies and data publicly as part of our SaaS10k list.

In conjunction with this, we also publish a quarterly report of the fastest growing identifiable SaaS sectors.

As a reminder, the criteria to be considered 'emerging growth' are as follows:

  • Companies must end the quarter with a headcount between 20 and 100 employees;

  • Must have been in our database since at least the prior quarter.


Several companies this quarter are representative of broader industry trends:

Zudy, a low-code (they prefer 'zero code') mobile app dev platform, exemplifies the move away from the encumbrance of having to hire hoards of C# developers for iOS development when rapid time to market and feature iteration are paramount.

ReFUEL4, which is riding the winds of the AI trend, is using machine learning to identify opportunities to help agencies and in-house teams optimize the content of their creatives for maximum conversion. Continuing the AI trend, we have Loom Systems, which applies AI to log analytics in the APM and DevOps domain.

A couple of companies in the employee scheduling and tracking domain crack the list – Jolt which serves QSR and retail employers, and Dovico, which enables simple mobile-enabled employee timekeeping.

RegTech is also hot. SOXHUB provides document management and compliance to F500 companies, Nimonik serves the EHS space with their quality compliance suite, and MetaCompliance is service GDPR compliance.

In the eLearning space, our Vancouver, BC-based neighbors Thinkific are on a tear. Their platform includes marketplace and ecommerce enablement, allowing anyone with monetizable courseware to be up and running in minutes.

Please see below for the complete list. If you are a buy-side group interested in access to the underlying growth data, or further SaaS10k list data, please contact us.

Company Primary Sector Employees Estimate Country Year Founded Description Institutional Backing
Zudy Development Tools 26 United States 2013 Innovative low-code mobile app development platform. No
ReFUEL4 AdTech 91 Singapore 2014 AI to predict creative campaign performance. No
Winsar Infosoft Hospitality 64 India 2001 Cloud based, modular PMS. No
JL Systems Association & Membership Management 23 United States 1982 Association management eCommerce and CMS. No
Jolt Human Resources 67 United States 2012 Employee scheduling and task tracking for QSR and retail No
SourceGain Human Resources 26 India 2010 Cloud based Applicant Tracking No
Kooomo eCommerce & Retail 43 United Kingdom 2000 End-to-end eCommerce platform No Marketing Automation 43 Switzerland 2008 Innovative content curation as a service Yes
Thinkific Learning 57 Canada 2012 Self-serve Learning Management System and marketplace platform Yes
Loom Systems Development Tools 33 United States 2015 AI meets log analytics Yes
Gecko Labs Business Process Management & Automation 22 United Kingdom 2012 Marketing automation for university recruitment Yes
SOXHUB Governance, Risk & Compliance 40 United States 2013 SOX document management and compliance for the F500 Yes
Acuity Scheduling Scheduling Software 20 United States 2006 Appointment scheduling made easy, for the solopreneur No
SimpleLegal Legal Management Software 29 United States 2013 Cloud based legal management software Yes
RealSavvy Real Estate 23 United States 2014 Real estate broker marketing automation and CMS/ CRM platform Yes Human Resources 23 Denmark 2011 Cloud delivered agile project mangagement software Yes
Nimonik Governance, Risk & Compliance 35 Canada 2008 EHS and quality compliance software No
ReportGarden Marketing Intelligence & Analytics 68 United States 2014 Multi-channel report aggregation for agencies No
MetaCompliance Governance, Risk & Compliance 75 United Kingdom 2006 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance platform No
Core 7 Technologies Fixed Asset Management 28 Canada 1998 Multidisciplinary business management software No
Beamery Human Resources 35 United Kingdom 2013 Recruitment CRM and marketing automation platform Yes
CoSchedule Marketing Automation 58 United States 2013 Editorial calendar management and collaboration platform No
Sigma Conso Finance & Accounting 49 Belgium 2002 Intercompany accounting reconciliation and forcasting software No
Dovico Software Business Process Management & Automation 26 Canada 1993 Simple, easy, mobile-enabled time keeping tool No
Frrole Marketing Intelligence & Analytics 23 United States 2010 AI enabled brand and campaign monitoring and analytics Yes