The Platform

We know the negotiating deal-making art and analytical and valuation science of SaaS company sale. The backbone of our proprietary CRM and deal automation platform is a global database of private SaaS company data, and that same dataset gives us a leg up to defend value and engage all relevant buyers when orchestrating the exit process. Our platform automates and accelerates deal marketing and project management, ensuring quicker time to close.

Beyond M&A Advisory

Collectively, we have decades of on-the-ground operational experience across the key 'founder' domains, including product management, product marketing, software development, and business development. In the preparation phase of an advisory engagement, we analyze your business through the same lens as the ultimate buyer. As we take a company to market, we use this experience to uncover full value, as measured by the strategic and PE firms that will be the ultimate bidders.

Pre-Exit Growth Consulting

We go beyond traditional process-driven transaction advisory; we have a unique approach to helping companies with growth, before they are ready for sale.

Sub-sector Research

We maintain a unique, automated, data-driven list of the 10,000 fastest growing, private SaaS companies. We leverage several proxies for private company growth and measure them quarterly, to qualitatively determine which of these are the emergent leaders in the space.