Cardin Partners Announces Q4 2017 Edition of the 'SaaS Quick 25'

Announced today, the Q4-2017 Edition of the Cardin Partners 'SaaS Quick 25' list includes several companies leveraging trends in next -generation Marketing Automation, FinTech / lease management, employee recruiting / engagement / retention (HCM), eProcurement, and hospitality / PMS.

Remarkably, two companies have cracked the list for the second consecutive quarter: mobile banking AI provider, and UK-based insurance platform provider Instanda.

A SaaS M&A advisory boutique, Cardin systematically tracks the growth of over 25,000 SaaS companies, globally, as the backbone of our content marketing. We publish a limited subset of companies and data publicly as part of our SaaS10k list.

In conjunction with this, we also publish a quarterly report of the fastest growing identifiable SaaS sectors.

As a reminder, the criteria to be considered 'emerging growth' are as follows:

  • Companies must end the quarter with a headcount between 20 and 100 employees;
  • Must have been in our database since at least the prior quarter.


Several companies this quarter are representative of broader industry trends:

Human Capital Management:

A handful of companies spanning the HCM hiring and retention stack made the list, this quarter. WeSpire offers a platform that enables employee engagement by connecting employees to purpose-driven initiatives. In the employee feedback domain, Atiim are in-market with an OKR-based employee objective setting and feedback platform. Moving further up the stack, BrightMove have a recruiter-focused innovative pay-as-you-post ATS, which does not require a standing monthly subscription.

Marketing Automation and Customer Acquisition:

ScheduleOnce are an Israeli start-up helping to overcome the often-crippling barrier of getting a funnel prospect to a booked first call or demo. Further up the funnel, and in the domain of eCommerce, Privy provide a platform to ensure that customer visits convert to captured leads. In the related domain of AdTech, Needls. are solving the problem of managing social media advertising by taking the pain and complexity away with their fully automated platform.


A couple of firms specializing in enterprise lease management cracked the list this quarter. Visual Lease offer a solution integrated with over 50 GL/ERP platforms. Also on the list this quarter are LeaseQuery, sporting full FASB 842 and IFRS 16 compliance.


ESM Solutions are growing fast with a spend management platform serving Higher Ed, K-12, and the NFP sector. Precoro are in market with a broader enterprise targeted platform, which spans PO creation through invoice and packing slip for full 3-way record matching. 

Please see below for the complete list. If you are a buy-side group interested in access to the underlying growth data, or further SaaS10k list data, please contact us.

Company Primary Sector Employees Estimate Country Year Founded Description Institutional Backing
ScheduleOnce Scheduling Software 67 Israel 2006 Overcome the sometimes crippling barrier of getting a funnel prospect from inbound interest to first call No
Privy Marketing Automation 48 United States 2011 Website lead capture with full suite of integrations with leading tools in balance of marketing automation stack Yes
Publipage Marketing Automation 37 Canada 1996 Synchronize company listing in local directories for discoverability and SEO No
ThinkTank Data & Analytics 84 United States 1989 Automated digital change management platform Yes
Visual Lease Fixed Asset Management 31 United States 1995 Enterprise Lease management platform integrated with over 50 GL/ERP platforms No
Needls. AdTech 25 Canada 2014 DIY 'RoboAgency' for managing social media campaigns from spend through execution Yes
LeaseQuery Real Estate 25 United States 2011 FASB 842 and IFRS 16 compliant lease management solution No
Knack Development Tools 25 United States 2010 No-code development platform with ecommerce functionality No
WeSpire Human Resources 32 United States 2010 Enterprise employee engagement platform Yes
ESM Solutions Procurement 38 United States 1999 Higher Ed procurement platform No
Softomotive Business Process Management & Automation 39 United Kingdom 2005 Business process automation with their ProcessRobot technology No
Survicate Market Research & Customer Insight 21 Poland 2013 In-website context voice-of-customer survey popup tool Yes
Enapps Enterprise Resource Planning 22 United Kingdom 2011 General purpose ERP platform for the SMB No Collaboration 56 United States 2015 Video review platform for the entertainment industry Yes
Frontdesk Anywhere Hospitality 30 United States 2009 Fully featured hotel PMS with multiple integrations Yes
ThinkData Works Data & Analytics 20 Canada 2014 Open data aggregation platform Yes
Atiim Human Resources 20 United States 2014 OKR and continuous employee feedback platform Yes
Instanda Insurance 37 United Kingdom 2012 SaaS based insurance platform, on our list for the second quarter in a row No
BrightMove Human Resources 37 United States 2005 Usage-based ATS, that does not require SaaS subscription No
XenCALL Contact Center & Customer Support 27 Canada 2012 Predictive dialer platform with CRM and full VoIP integration No Payments 49 Canada 2014 Second company on list for the second consecutive quarter; AI-powered virtual assistant to make mobile banking easier Yes
Precoro Procurement 21 United States 2015 Procurement management software; PO creation through three way matching and receiving No
PushWoosh AdTech 43 Germany 2011 Cross-platform push notification service No
Skrumble Collaboration 29 Canada 2013 Multi-faceted remote and distributed workforce collaboration platform No
Codacy Development Tools 22 Portugal 2012 Automated code review tool Yes