M&A Expert Value Creation Points -- #4, Building The CIM -- Investment Highlights


This slide needs to serve as a hook; it should highlight 2 or 3 things which compel the reader to continue through the meat of the document. That said, if a prospective buyer has reviewed the teaser and signed an NDA, they have already seen and responded positively to this information. At the bottom of the page, there is a graphical opportunity to hammer home the forward looking growth, revenue, and EBITDA highlights.

A basic outline should include:

  • Employee count, HQ location, and founding year;

  • Nature of the business;

  • Customer count and SaaS metrics (if relevant): LTV, CAC, and churn;

  • Market TAM statement, and market cycle phase and growth trend;

  • Explanation over growth limiters, typically the lack of outside capital;

  • Summary of technology platform;

  • Shareholder dynamics and capitalization

Some of the top highlights in this example are:

  • Full POS integration; although we've broadly anonymized this example, the solutions in this space must have POS integration as a matter of course, and for the additional benefit of channel sales;

  • Enterprise grade levels of churn @ 3%, and a high LTV:CAC ratio, suggesting an under-investment in growth (which is true for this company, never having taken on outside capital);

  • Sustained, high levels of recurring revenue growth;

  • Trend to must-have in a market with a defensibly large TAM;

  • Current technology platform base (Ruby on Rails);

  • Single shareholder with presumably nominal or low cost base

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