Saleability Assessment on SaaS Best Practices – Metrics, Dashboarding, and More

As a result of our quarterly tracking of thousands of SaaS companies, we are frequently enlisted to speak with a number of CEOs. We call these DUI (Discovery, Update, and Intro) calls. The goal of these calls is to cultivate meaningful dialogue and leave a lasting impression, allowing each party to engage in an informed, personalized discussion.

Preliminary Survey

In order to optimally embark on these calls we have crafted a preliminary Google Forms survey, which is essentially a pre-call interview tool that assesses best practices and gives us a roadmap for our discovery calls. Most notably, the survey is primarily not about capturing your metrics, your revenue, or anything that you might otherwise consider particularly sensitive before Cardin has signed an NDA (although we do include a simple NDA disclosure at start of the survey); we have learned that these questions are better left for later.

What we do dive into are several key qualitative analysis areas, including:

·       What are your core Metrics and KPIs?

·       How, roughly, is your company organized in terms of board / governance / executive leadership?

·       Do you have Vision and Mission statement; do you do annual planning; do you have an of-record Product Roadmap?

·       What kind of up-to-date investor materials do you have in your arsenal?

·       Are you using Agile as your development methodology; are you on the CI/CD train?

·       Do you know the competitive landscape cold?

·       How do you fill and service the sales funnel?

·       How do you stay on top of your financials?

·       Which are your geographies of focus?

·       Which tools do you use for Project Management, CRM, and CS?

To get your free saleability assessment, please take a look at the survey below: